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Apply for your complimentary 1 year Goldfingr VIP Corporate membership (Below - starting at $3,000 per annum)*


Access to Goldfingr Social Club as a workspace & for business meetings

We provide 8-10 vetted company presentations at our Goldfingr Deal Club Summit events (in person or video conference)

Follow up emails - If desired, we connect you directly with founders & CEO’s, including investor packages

Develop relationships with investors, founders & CEO’s at our private events and social club, and stay connected with our mobile app technology

Edification - understanding new markets by networking with entrepreneurs and investors 

membership includes

  • Access to Goldfingr Social Club (VNYL - 100 3rd Ave, NY . NY 10003)

  • Access to 6 to 10 private Goldfingr events per mo. (1 Deal Club Summit per mo. - 8 to 10 deals)

  • Access to our member network via events, social club & Goldfingr mobile app

  • Quarterly Investor Summits (NY, LA, SF, HK)

  • In app global concierge for a Goldfingr VIP experience

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Real Estate
Big Data

EQUIIS Technologies Switzerland AG:
       A privacy first social media ecosystem that rewards users as they engage.

Powerwood Ltd.:
       Production of a highly sought after greeen, second generation, super fuel for the bio mass which can act as a direct replacement for coal.
Senso Labs :
       Senso Labs is launching the new paradigm of intelligence amplification and Personal Cognitive Computing.

Antler Innovation Pte. Ltd. :
       Antler is an early-stage VC with a mission to enable the world’s most brilliant and determined people to build global businesses from the ground up.

       To bridge digital and traditional finance by connecting investors to institutionally-curated digital asset funds.

Wine Connoisseur:
       Single serve at home Personal Sommelier appliance that perfecty aerates, cools, and services each glass of wine.

       Social media chat powered by blockchain

       A marketplace that enables businesses of any size to hire creatives for their projects, ranging from models, photographers, stylists and hair and makeup artists, to UI/UX designers and even architects.

Stat Zero:
      Stat Zero enables accredited investors to gain access to govtech ventures that move the world towards Zero Poverty, Zero Pollution, Zero Illiteracy, and Zero Disease.

Over Holding Srl:
       a World Scale, open-source, AR platform powered by Ethereum Blockchain.

UPnRIDE Robotics Ltd.:
       A wheeled motorized device which enables wheelchair users to become mobile while in a standing position, in any urban environment, and thus improves health, self-esteem and reduces medical and disability costs.


Thursday, Sept.12th @ Eight Club Bank, London UK

Wed-Thu, Sept. 18th, (3-11pm) + Sept. 19th (1-5pm) @ VNYL, New York

Wednesday, October 2nd @ Venue TBA, Hong Kong


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- Accredited Investor

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* Offer valid for Investors Only. All complimentary memberships are subject to review by Goldfingr member committee. Goldfingr reserves the right to refuse/revoke the complimentary membership offered.