TJ bavelas

TJ Bavelas is a painter and artist based in in New York City.  Originally a musician, Bavelas found solace in the arts.

A love for the impressionists Monet, Degas, Matisse, Seurat, and van Gogh sparked a desire to learn the trade. Drawing inspiration from masters such as Pollock, Kline, Rothko, and the Kooning's, Bavelas feels at home in the style of abstract expressionism. Fascinated by the concept of automatic art practiced by Pollock and surrealist automatism portrayed by Arp, Masson, and Breton, the art of Bavelas seeks to capture the abstract act of art rather than it's physical product.  To this end, he continues exploring outliers of style in order to better understand himself and the world around him.

With a strong intrinsic interest in sustainability and minimalism, TJ enjoys reusing certain materials in his artwork.  Recycling used/old bar coasters, menus, as well as other objects and re-purposing them as canvases/mediums enables him to incorporate this mission into his work.



As We Lay, Sleeping.JPG