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Caden is a creative agency, business incubator and event space dedicated to the evolution of art, entertainment & storytelling.



Citdex is a global formation of technologists, rebels, entrepreneurs, regulators, and enterprises building the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralized world.

Citdex Incubator, Accelerator, Venture & Capital, Labs, Exchange, AM, Banking, Consulting, Media



Jahani and Associates (J&A) is a privately held investment bank headquartered in New York City. We specialize in the intangible assets of the healthcare and software industries. We provide capital raising advisory, M&A advisory, and management consulting services to clients all over the globe.

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The Associates is a business incubator and event space with a myriad of investment opportunities for angel investors and crypto investors.



Light Node Media curates the latest Blockchain events, news, coin prices and ico listings globally. Light Node Media is the one stop shop for all things Blockchain. Light Node Media also hosts bi-weekly meet ups in NY in addition to smaller niche Blockchain events worldwide such as Blockchain Basel in Miami, FL. 

Light Node Media provides its clients with PR , digital marketing, telegram marketing, meet up exposure and private dinner events. 



REDinNYC is a networking event series dedicated to connecting, supporting and promoting individuals and businesses involved in real estate projects in New York City, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles,Boston and Philadelphia.

REDinNYC also partners on family office conferences and other events, including OPAL, IMN, Bisnow, RBC Wealth Management and more.



Craig Shelly takes the luxury and swiss craftsmanship of modern timepieces to the next echelon. Starting from the dream of two high school sweethearts, they have carved out a place for theirselves in the top tier of the world’s fashion and jewelry designers. They create modern, stylish watches inspired by European design that have pleased customers from all over the world for almost two decades now. Whether you desire classic sophistication or more of an avant-garde look, they have pieces to suit you. They can even create custom pieces to commemorate an occasion or fit your unique style. Their mission is to change the way you think when it comes to luxury watches.



Passport Club Travel takes a unique and modern approach to marketing the luxury lifestyle and high end travel. They provide an array of different services in the luxury travel field and their growing team which now consists of a video production specialist, professional travel photographers and bloggers. .

They create elite digital media and content for online, and social media. They only want to offer their travelers the best in Luxury Travel.


Unifi Biotechnologies is a private holding company that exists to catalyze successful collaborations among scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs to develop next generation biotechnologies for clinical and commercial applications.

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FinTech4Good seeks to co-create FinTech and Blockchain solutions that contribute to the achievement of sustainable developing goals. To facilitate this mission, they connect innovators with their global network in North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. Their services include but are not limited to thought leadership, market entry advisory and co-investment on Blockchain and FinTech. From 2016, they have established a number of blockchain labs, including Insurance Blockchain Lab, Smart City Blockchain Lab and Financial Inclusion Lab.


Established in 2015 and located in the heart of Soho - their digital design agency builds amazing websites and mobile apps, as well as helps clients with their corporate designs.


InList is a members-only mobile application for discovering and booking curated nightlife and special events in over 45 cities around the world.

Startupalooza is a growing organization that hosts capital raising workshops and pitch events in several cities on the East Coast for startups of all levels

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CEO Space is a membership community that provides access to the connections business owners need to accelerate their business.



ERASE Child Trafficking is a U.S. based organization with global impact. We are focused on eliminating child trafficking by implementing a holistic approach, from education and recovery to life reclamation. ERASE’s mission is to be a unifying voice creating a cultural shift in the perception of child trafficking, working towards its eradication by empowering action against this inhumanity through education, recovery and life reclamation.