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  • Access to our member network via events, social club & Goldfingr mobile app

  • Quarterly Investor Summits (NY, LA, SF, HK)

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Real Estate
Big Data

       A parent-to-parent marketplace that believes in affordable kids’ clothing for all and empowers parents to earn and save money with ease.

       The only fully integrated Tennis App used by the worlds leading coaches.

       Award Winning Sexual Health Products

Crowdsense :
      Stat Automated intelligence agency for breaking events that helps financial traders and analysts stay competitive

       To bridge digital and traditional finance by connecting investors to institutionally-curated digital asset funds.

EQUIIS Technologies Switzerland AG:
       A privacy first social media ecosystem that rewards users as they engage.

Powerwood Ltd.:
       Production of a highly sought after greeen, second generation, super fuel for the bio mass which can act as a direct replacement for coal.
Senso Labs :
       Senso Labs is launching the new paradigm of intelligence amplification and Personal Cognitive Computing.

Antler Innovation Pte. Ltd. :
       Antler is an early-stage VC with a mission to enable the world’s most brilliant and determined people to build global businesses from the ground up.

UPnRIDE Robotics Ltd.:
       A wheeled motorized device which enables wheelchair users to become mobile while in a standing position, in any urban environment, and thus improves health, self-esteem and reduces medical and disability costs.


Wed.-Thu., Sept. 18th, (3-11pm) + Sept. 19th (1-5pm) @ VNYL, New York

Wed., Oct. 16th @ Home House, London UK


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