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Goldfingr - Disrupt Puerto Rico

What's up Disrupt Nation!

On February 27th & 28th 2019 we are doing it again!!!

We’ve been super busy planning the next Disrupt event and we thought, “How do we top last years Disrupt?”

We have some crazy surprises in store for you guys!

We decided to plan these mastermind events for two main reasons:

1. Change your mindset. Too many of you have limited beliefs that are seriously holding you back in life. Things in your past are preventing you from building your ultimate future and until you deal with that you are going to have a real hard time creating real success and happiness.

2. Help you create financial freedom. Whether that’s starting a new company or getting the job of your dreams, we are committed to teaching you the skills so you can do both. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone and owning a business is not the only way to generate a substantial income. The good news is that a lot of the same skills that are required to land the job of your dreams are also super valuable when you are starting a business and having an entrepreneurial mindset is extremely beneficial in all areas of life even if you are working for another organization.

On that note ... I'm really excited to announce that are next event will be called “Disrupt U“!!!

In this two-day in-person bootcamp, we are combining soft skills with hard skills.

On Day 1, which we call "Disrupt Yourself", we focus on helping you achieve the skills you need to success in business and how to have a winners mindset. We will teach you how to become the author of your own life and create a future of your own design, not limited by the past. We will help you become the best version of yourself and redefine the very nature of what you thought was possible. You will learn skills like leadership, responsibility, integrity, communication, personal productivity, and how to be fully self-expressed, both in your your personal and professional life.

On Day 2, "Disrupt Your Business", we get way more practical, focusing on the hard skills required for your to grow your business and take your career to the next level. You will get insights from the world's leading entrepreneurs, influencers, thought leaders, digital marketers, developers, hackers and creators as they share their expertise on how they built multi-million dollar empires. You will learn skills like marketing, digital advertising, ecommerce, team building, project management, learn what startup investors are looking for, and how to build a profitable, scalable company.

Unlike our first event, this event is going to be MUCH more hands on, and interactive, so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work! 

Our speakers and panelists are elite members of the global startup community: Angel Investors, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Influencers in tech and business who have help shape the current digital landscape will all share the stage at Disrupt in San Juan, Puerto Rico on February 27th / 28th 2019.

500+ leading influencers and investors within the tech, entrepreneur, and startup ecosystem will gather on the island of Puerto Rico for an immersive experience filled with inspiring keynotes, engaging discussions, legendary networking events and diverse programming focused on the future of this multi-trillion dollar industry.

Each day is filled with carefully curated talks and roundtable discussions between innovators across a multitude of disciplines aimed to elevate and inspire the future of how emerging technologies will influence the world at large!!!!