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Evan Sebastian Lagache

Evan Sebastian Lagache is an abstract-futuristic artist based in New York City.  His work captures the essence of the gridded metropolis, in all of its twists and turns.

His process evolves like a visual symphony, directed by the creator and orchestrated by manipulating contrasting mediums; Acrylic, Oil, Ink, Graphite, and Collage.

His colors, inspired by the energy of the city. From the bustling of subway tracks, to the sound of a Jazz band in the park, the ever-changing streets never cease to spark creativity for this emerging artist.

Lagache is not only an abstract artist, but also a curator of his own style of art which he titles "Abpsyche" or "Abpsychism" which is his own form of Abstract Psychedelic Expressionism.  

At an early age, Evan Sebastian Lagache began developing his artistic vision at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts frequented by Tony Bennett. From this inspiration, Evan began collecting material from the street -- doors, windows, skateboards, and tables which became his basis for art design.  He even set up his outdoor art studio at the Washington Square Monument.  There he was discovered by Julie Keyes Art and was invited to debut in the “View from Within” exhibition of working artists at the Marc Borghi Gallery on the Upper East Side.  The Cupping Room followed featuring “Deep Blue,” showcasing his signature use of controlled lines purchased by a Parrish Art Museum Trustee.


His first solo show at the Public Factory, Evan was approached by curator Robert Curcio to be part of the “20 under 20, Younger than Rimbaud” exhibition at Elga Wimmer Gallery in Chelsea.  Curcio later featured Evan Sebastian Lagache in an exhibit at the National Arts Club; the painting was purchased by Saturday Night Live comedienne Maya Rudolph. Last Art Basel, Evan was featured at the X Contemporary Art Fair at the Nobu / Eden Roc hotel in Miami Beach.  Immediately following, Evan’s work was prominently displayed at the Wellington, Florida; Winter Equestrian Festival Gallery. Also, Salomon Arts Gallery featured his overview of signature themes and explorations in the “Matter in Movement” exhibition.  He exhibited in Williamsburg galleries and a solo show “Abpsyche” in the Hamptons at the Christy’s Art Center Curated by Julie Keyes in Sag Harbor.  In the fall, he presented “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying” at the 326 Gallery in Chelsea. He currently lives in New York and preparing an amazing Solo exhibition on February 10, 2018 at One Art Space Gallery in TriBeCa.











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