DEAL CLUB -11.15.18


Fincross International is a next generation digital investment bank, fully regulated, fully compliant, that merges investment banking and fintechto create a whitelisted ecosystem for a global customer network. The result is a company that provides core infrastructure and an array of digital financial products and services which will fundamentally revolutionize the creation, management, safeguarding, trading and settlement of both financial products and tokenized assets.

Industry: Banking
Investment round: Seed
Amount looking to raise: 12M USD
Funding round close date: Mar. 2019
Investment type: Equity
Presenter: Christopher Warren


BlockSafe Technologies™ is the only US-based company that secures the blockchain ecosystem (Crypto-Wallets, Crypto Exchanges and Permissions Blockchains). Using its expansive suite of patented cybersecurity solutions, BlockSafe Technologies™ introduces stability into an otherwise turbulent market by protecting the blockchain ecosystem at its most vulnerable points: Transaction Verification and Blockchain Interaction.

Industry: Cyber Security
Investment round: Pre-Sale  
Amount looking to raise: 11.1M USD
Funding round close date: Jan. 2019
Investment type: ICO/STO
Presenter: George Waller


EMPIRE HOTELS is the ultimate OTA for users to book rooms and experiences across the globe. Their platform provides an easy way to check-in/check-out and is fully prepared for the future of room automation. It's faster, as users can check-in online; it's cheaper, as the transactions are peer-to-peer, thus eliminating costs with middlemen; and it's safer, as all the transactions are safely stored in blockchain.

Industry: Fintech/Hospitality
Investment round: Seed
Amount looking to raise: 36M USD
Funding round close date: TBA
Investment type: ICO/STO
Presenter: Renato Dimarzio


8base is revolutionizing software development with an extensible development platform which translates to a software development and hosting platform to accelerate the creation of business software.

Industry: Software Development
Investment round: Seed
Amount looking to raise: 1M USD
Funding round close date: Dec. 2018
Investment type: SAFE Agreement
Presenter: Albert Santalo


Just as Facebook connects friends and LinkedIn connects professionals, the current TraDove platform connects business partners (buyers and sellers) with its business social network. They are also developing the next generation platform will utilize blockchain and AI-driven social networking technologies to further shorten the corporate buyer & seller discovery cycle, enhance B2B transparency, expand user trust, and allow for company-to-company precision advertising. Additionally, TraDove is developing the next generation blockchain B2B payment network that could well be the first blockchain on mobile.

They have 250K corporate users from 100K companies world wide. They have 50 people in US, China and Ukraine. Their core team are from MIT, LinkedIn, Facebook, Alibaba and Amazon, etc. Their investors and backers include former CEO of Bank of America, former CFO of Morgan Stanley and former CEO of Siemens, Inc., MIT Professor est tc. They just accomplished one of the top ICOs in 2018. 

Industry: Internet/Business Social Network/Blockchain
Investment round: Series B
Amount looking to raise: 30-50M USD
Funding round close date: Feb. 2019
Investment type: Equity
Presenter: Kent J Yan


Token IQ, Inc. was founded in 2017 and is a leading compliant securities token offering (STO) platform aiming to transform capital markets through the tokenization of financial assets. They offer an end-to-end implementation of smart and fully-compliant security token technology delivered using their patent-pending technology platform. They provide the technical muscle for issuers, advisers and investment professionals to help bring tokenized securities to investors around the world and around the block. They accelerate, simplify, and optimize the time consuming and sometimes daunting processes of investment by using familiar technologies that investors are already comfortable with. Their goal is to enable issuers to get new money from more investors, faster. Built on the Stellar ledger, utilizing Smart Contracts only where required, Token IQ’s patent-pending platform delivers unparalleled security, scalability, and speed-to-market while eliminating loss, theft and execution risk.

Industry: SAAS/Financial Services/Compliance
Investment round: Growth
Amount looking to raise: 3M USD
Funding round close date: Feb. 2019
Investment type: Equity
Presenter: Aleksander Dyo


Fully licensed, government-regulated, global and national online lotteries with draw transparency based on Ethereum Smart Contracts. Investors will receive lifetime revenue share based on every GG World Lottery Jackpot prize win. Their company is registered in British Virgin Islands.

Industry: Gaming - National/Government Regulated Lotteries
Investment round: ICO/STO presale
Amount looking to raise: 375M USD
Funding round close date: Presale ends on last day of November. Official part ends on last day of February 2019
Investment type: ICO/STO
Presenter: Mark Hutchinson


Monetizr is a blockchain Game Reward Engine. They drive mass adoption to cryptocurrencies in games by rewarding gamers with tokens for their time and skills. Monetizr is backed by Techstars and 500 Startups, and they are working with leading game publishers like EA Sports, SEGA, Pixelberry studios and others.

Industry: Gaming/Blockchain
Investment round: Digital Security Round
Amount looking to raise: 2M USD
Funding round close date: Dec. 2018
Investment type: Convertible Debt
Presenter: ChristyAna Taveras.



DEAL CLUB - 10.30.18


BARDOU BEAUTY develops instant beauty products that work. The products are cruelty-free,vegan-friendly, providing effective, long-lasting and time saving results helping women achieve that professional finish at home. 
 BARDOU BEAUTY innovates by developing new beauty products that are tech-enabled as well as using digital-platforms as a core-marketing strategy. 
 BARDOU BEAUTY impacts lives through its philanthropic arm, The BARDOU Foundation with a 10-10-10 model: 10% of revenue, 10% of employee time and 10% of products are given to their philanthropic endeavours for girls and women.

Investment Round: Seed

Raise Amount: GBP 500K / ~ 650K USD

Investment Type: Equity

Closing date: 01/31/2019

Presenter: Charrlotte De' Davis - CEO



BHIRED is a blockchain enabled employment market place designed to restore Trust, Transparency and Accountability in the hiring process. BHIRED returns data to its owners and incentivizes employers and candidates creating a direct employer candidate experience.

Investment Round: PE Raise

Raise Amount: 1.5M USD

Investment Type: Equity

Closing Date: Mid/End January 2019

Presenter: Isaac Marks - Co-founder/VP Operations



Blinc is the only full service company with expertise in all aspects of cannabis consumption hardware. Blinc works with companies to not only develop their ideas, but to effectively generate revenue from the finished products. We are the only company with expertise along the whole concept to production to distribution cycle.

Investment Round: Series A

Raise Amount: 5M USD

Investment Type: TBD

Closing date: 02/28/2019

Presenter: Gary Krimershmoys - CIO



Dimension will build a new layer above the existing Internet using blockchain technology to restructure the use, sharing, and value of data. Dimension is founded late 2017, previously invested by FreeS Fund, Feng Li. Our team are from blockstream and various AI unicorns, and has extensive experiences in these fields. We aim to make data collection and utilization easier and more transparent while at the same time offering users enhanced privacy, efficiency, and value.

Investment Round: Seed, Series A

Raise Amount: 1.5M USD

Investment Type: Convertible Debt, Equity, SAFE Agreement

Closing Date: 12/15/2018

Presenter: Suji Yan - Founder/CEO



1 in 8 women will get breast cancer at some point in their lifetimes, at least 1 in 5 of those women will die from it. Lazarus leverages Deep Learning via patient EHR records to improve the early detection of breast cancer: completely nonphysically, in minutes, and at a tenth of the cost. This increases survival rates to over 99%, reduces treatment costs by over 10x, and improves access to quality healthcare for everyone.

Investment Round: Seed, Series A (Second Seed/Pre-Series A)

Raise Amount: 1.6 - 2M USD

Investment Type: Y Combinator SAFE

Closing date: 12/15/2018

Presenter: Ariel Elizarov - Founder



MetaliCoin stands out in the crypto-currency space because a) we are building a real business, based on a distributed exchange and market-place, that is intended to make profits and b) we are taking a fully regulated approach that allows institutional investors to participate directly.

Investment Round: Seed

Raise Amount: 1.5M - 2M USD

Investment Type: Convertible Note

Closing Date: 12/31/2018

Presenter: Jeremy Samuel - Founder/CEO



Tydrolyte LLC has exclusive global commercial rights to the Tygrus chemistries and IP for battery electrolyte applications. Tydrolyte LLC is initially focusing on thelead acid battery market for its chemistries.

Investment Round: Seed

Raise Amount: 1M USD

Investment Type: Convertible Note

Closing date: 31/12/2018

Presenter: John Coppolino - Board Member



Virtual QE is a Quality Engineering company which uses video, augmented reality, and virtual reality to bring unique quality solutions to solve the manufacturing industry’s toughest problems. Manufacturers #1 issue is a skilled labor shortage of which our video work instructions directly solve.

Investment Round: Seed

Raise Amount: 1M USD

Investment Type: Equity

Closing date: 12/07/2018

Presenter: Shawn Findlater - CEO