bissera antikarov

Artist/Architect/Designer, European born and bread die-hard long-time New Yorker with passion for NYC buildings, structures, and cityscape. My photo collage art work is about the OTHER New York - the NYC we don't notice or appreciate and mostly ignore or turn away from. It's about the bridges, barges, cranes and structures, rusty pipes and hydrants, washed-out brick walls and signature NYC water towers still defining our skyline. It's about the city infrastructure that holds it all together, most of which is sculptural in form and quite artistic in expression with its colors, curves, and volumes. It's about seeing the ART in city Infrastructure - or Infrastructure as ART. As an architect by background and artist by heart, I see these pieces of our city, always fascinated by their images, shapes, and colors. I love the process of discovery, interpretation, and revealing these "diamonds in the rough" for others to see and enjoy as well. If you love our messy, gritty, artsy New York the way I do, my art work is for you - enjoy! Artfully Yours, Bissera.