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1)  GOLD CLUB (14 DAY FREE TRIAL) is a private members-only mastermind network, connected via a mobile app - accelerating access to Vetted Members, Business Deals, Investment Capital, Professional Services, Art, Luxury Brands, Exclusive Venues, Services and Events.

* NOTE - To pitch in Goldfingr Deal Club, you must be a Global Member

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➤ VIP access to exclusive

  • Gold Club events - mastermind networking for VIPs
  • Deal Club events - vetted deal flow, and networking between investors, Founders and CEOs.
  • Arts Club events -  connecting collectors, gallerists, curators, tastemakers and artists

In app concierge for New York (access to): Hotels / Luxury Accommodations, Restaurants, Clubs and Lounges, Luxury Cars, Private Jets / Helicopters, Events, and Special Requests

In app social network for New York only

➤ New York membership benefits
➤ In app global concierge
➤ In app global social network

* NOTE - Only Global Gold members can pitch in Goldfingr Deal Club

2)  GOLDFINGR DEAL CLUB (30 DAY FREE TRIAL) is a private members-only club, based on the mastermind principle - with vetted deal flow, and networking between investors, founders and CEOs.

➤ Monthly exclusive Deal Club events
➤ Access to vetted investment deals
➤ Access to Investment Capital
➤ Networking with NYC’s elite investment community
➤ Edification and market awareness
➤ Access to Deal Club round tables and luncheons
➤The Goldfingr experience at exclusive popup locations

3)  GOLDFINGR ARTS CLUB (14 DAY FREE TRIAL) is an exclusive members-only club for the Arts – connecting collectors, gallerists, curators, tastemakers and artists.  

➤ VIP access to exclusive monthly Goldfingr Arts Club Events, premiering Goldfingr Artists (2+ events monthly)
➤ Access and networking with vetted art community - elite high net worth clientele, including collectors, gallerists, investors and dealers
➤ Networking with Goldfingr Deal Club and Gold Club members
➤ Exclusive members only Goldfingr mobile app access (Launch in March)

I hereby apply for Goldfingr membership.  If accepted, I agree to the rules of the club.

➤ Please note - to attend any Goldfingr events, you must apply for membership

➤ During free trial, you can attend 1st event without submitting your credit card information

➤ Subsequent attendance of events requires submission of payment information.

➤ Payment will be required after free trial expires and upon notification of acceptance into Gold Club


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